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We will beat any qualified bid!
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Safety and Security

Permanent lighting adds safety and security to your home and property.
"The added lighting really brightens our security camera pictures, I feel safer knowing I can see more of what's happening that surrounds my home."

- Mary White

Curb Appeal

"We absolutely love the way our lighting makes our home look.  Each color and pattern enhances our homes look and makes our home more beautiful at night."
- Sam Higgins

Any Occasion

"We change our colored lights to match our favorite team, our daughters favorite color and create our own color patterns."
- Angela Samos

Our company specializes in LED message centers and billboards.  We pride ourselves on every product we sell and provide long lasting customer service and free customer support for the life of our products.


Our permanent LED's are long lasting, will endure the elements, are weatherproof and easy to replace, although you will likely never have to replace them.  Trust an experienced LED sign company for quality LED's for your exterior permanent home lighting.

Our warranty is 2 years parts and labor. However we can match any qualified offer.

Our app is industry leading, easy and convenient to use, intuitive and updated to ensure the best customer experience. Available in Wi-Fi or Bluetooth for maximum security on your home network.

Each customer leads to the next. Word of mouth advertising is very important to us.  We will never let you down and always go the extra mile to ensure your satisfaction.

More than lighting

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