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From 1996 to present, it has been Corbin White's mission to help others recognize their personal potential. He's reached everyone from participants on a fun bus to Wendover, attendees at countless birthday parties and weddings, those that attend the annual State Fair, and the patrons who kept a bar stool warm every night of the week. Corporate team building events and,  broadcast quality gameshows were one side of what we were able to accomplish but Corbin firmly believes that education is where people can make the biggest impact on others. Over the past two decades, he has performed for over a million students from California to New Jersey (and a big chunk of those kids were Utah kids)! Corbin was recruited by FranklinCovey Company in 2011 and continued his mission serving others through developing leaders one school at a time. He and his team lobbied legislatures helping focus millions of dollars in state grants for schools teaching student leadership. He began to help schools afford state of the art digital LED signs at a fraction of the cost.

What is more important than effective communication, communication skills, and tools? Dr. Stephen R. Covey said it best, “Habit #5: Seek First To Understand and Then To Be Understood.”  Our signs will help your school, the hub of your community, stay informed and in contact with your patrons, taxpayers, and parents. Most of all, they will bring the inside of your school out. Our signs help share and celebrate the greatness within our neighborhood schools, highlighting the highest percentages in math scores, the play the 6th grade worked so hard to perform, the art our kids create, important community messaging like school safety, and much more. 

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